What is the MCAT2015?

The MCAT2015 tests general knowledge and knowledge of five important academic subjects as well as communication and critical thinking skills. Mastery of these academic subjects and skills is essential in becoming a successful doctor.

Questions on the MCAT2015 are usually a brief passage along with multiple choice questions, however there are a few independent questions that test your knowledge in the field. The MCAT does not test your ability to regurgitate facts, rather the ability to use that knowledge in an applied manner. Click here to learn more about what is on the MCAT.

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How to Study for the MCAT2015

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Getting Into Medical School

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Worried about your major? There are many different routes available at universities and various pros and cons to each one. Picking the right major is important not only in terms of classes but for reference letters as well.

Picking a Major

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In addition to choosing the right major you should also make sure to take a wide range of courses covering different academic subjects. The new MCAT tests more than just science so you need to be prepared.

Classes to Take

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One of the most important aspects of getting into medical school is having awesome reference letters. Learn the best strategies to get a good reference letter and more importantly how to ask when the time is right.

Reference Letters

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The most crucial part of getting into medical school is a having successful interview. Much more complex than a normal job interview, learn tips and tricks to make the best first impression possible to potential medical schools.

Interview Skills

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