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What is on the MCAT?

The MCAT tests general knowledge and knowledge of five important academic subjects as well as communication and critical thinking skills. Mastery of these academic subjects and skills is essential in becoming a successful doctor.

Questions on the MCAT are usually a brief passage along with multiple choice questions, however there are a few independent questions that test your knowledge in the field. The MCAT does not test your ability to regurgitate facts, rather the ability to use that knowledge in an applied manner. Click here to learn more about what is on the MCAT.

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About the MCAT

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is the standardized exam that all medical colleges in the United States require of prospective students. The MCAT examines a students ability to critically think and apply scientific concepts to word based problems. How well a student does on the MCAT can greatly determine where or if they will attend medical school.

The MCAT is designed for problem solving and critical thinking by asking you to use scientific concepts in a passage based format. You then will have multiple choice answers that are based on those passages.

Overall, the MCAT will test your general understanding of how all the different sciences intersect and apply towards each other. If you want to learn more, click here to get additional background about the MCAT.

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How to Study for the MCAT

About the MCAT - How to Study for the MCAT

Preparation is key to being successful on the MCAT. Cramming the night before and showing up at the last minute, jittery and sleep deprived is no way to take the MCAT. Come test day, you will be nervous enough.

When you sit down in that chair, you will need every ounce of boosted confidence that a full MCAT schedule of study can give you. In 2012, over 89,000 would be medical students took the MCAT. The test is weighted against your fellow premeds. You can rest easy knowing that some of them simply won't be ready. Don't let it be you!

For more MCAT study strategies, click here to learn how to study for the MCAT.

While the MCAT study schedule may sound long, you can think of it like a workout plan. Start with the warm up, take practice exams, get a feel for the test layout and then you start on the in depth MCAT reviews where your brain.

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