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As former students we understand the high costs and burdens associated with higher education and bettering ones future. That is why About the MCAT will always be free to use by any student across with the world with an internet connection. Science and the knowledge contained within the MCAT test sets the standard for universal medical education and this project is aimed at liberating the markets of knowledge and information to the masses for general consumption. Through our tools we offer a comprehensive and free alternative to the pricy study programs.

We rely on advertisements to support the basic services like internet connections, servers and buying images. These websites also require a lot of time to write and develop and we hope to add in features soon such as an interactive forum for students. digital practice MCAT exams, quizzes, flashcards and much more. If you wish to help us develop this project and others like it please consider making a donation. As an added bonus you will receive a login that will let you view the site ad-free if you donate over $5.00.