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How to Study for the MCAT

In order to effectively study for the MCAT you need to adopt certain mindsets and strategies. First, you want to review the information for the test in the most concise and efficient manner as possible. This means only studying the topics that will be tested on the MCAT and nothing else. We base our website off of the latest AAMC topic sheets each year, but you could review these just to be safe.

It is far too easy to lose scope of the MCAT and you should always consider how the topics you are learning could be applied to the MCAT questions. This means you should review the content alongside real MCAT questions so you can get a feel for them. Without doing this you will only get concept comprehension but lack the skills necessary to apply those concepts.

Next, you need to just practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect in everything from sports to music and the same is true with education. Keep working, learning the strategies and shoring up your weaknesses. Once you have something mastered, trust yourself and do not dwell on it. Focus on your problem areas.

Understanding Concepts

You will need to understand a myriad of different concepts and topics in order to be successful for the MCAT. These topics range across all four fields of biology, chemistry, physics and organic chemistry. Solid comprehension of these concepts comes from doing well in the classes during undergraduate and also reviewing them enough. You should be able to move fluidly between the concepts on the MCAT by test day.

When taking practice tests, do not treat them as a joke. Figure every practice test is the real MCAT test and that the score you get is what you would get come test day. This will help solidify the reality of the test in your mind and help you focus 100% on the content and questions at hand.

Whenever you get a question wrong, make sure you write down the reason why you got it wrong and why it why the right answer was right. Do not dwell on specifics of content, try to focus on generalities as questions on the MCAT are never repeated.

Make sure you are reviewing your areas of weakness twice as much as your areas of strength. You will remember more than you believe while you are studying come test day, so make sure to focus on the things you are less likely to remember. Trust yourself and give your studying an honest effort and the good results should come.

What is on the MCAT

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Time Management

The MCAT really is a massive test and it is far too easy to get lost. When you take a practice test try and time yourself so you can train your mind to complete the sections on time. Remember you only have a select amount of time available per question, so you need to be able to also have successful time management skills in order to be successful on the MCAT

Read every passage in the order given

Attempt every question

Check your time after you’ve finished the fifth passage

Guess at the difficult questions and move on

If you want to really start studying for the MCAT, review all of the pages on this website and consider looking into other educational resources and review classes as the best results come when students use a combination of resources.

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