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The MCAT is a very grueling and complicated test. By learning to understand the test itself, how questions are structured, along with what themes repeat you will be able to get a better grasp on the material and ultimately do much better come test day. This page offers many resources in your quest for studying for the MCAT.

MCAT History

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About the MCAT

In order to do well on the MCAT test, you must first master the structure and layout of the test. You are given a very short amount of time to read a passage, process the information and then apply it to the multiple questions given. You must be able to think fast, react fast and call upon your knowledge easily in order to do well. The faster and more accurate you can answer the easier questions gives you more time to spend on the hard ones. By adopting this strategy you can focus your time on the areas where you lose points and ultimately increase your score.

You can check out various aspects of the MCAT test here. You should become very familiar with the MCAT test, studying question types, taking practice tests and reviewing all the content material long before you ever see the inside of the test room.

What is the MCAT

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What is on the MCAT

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MCAT Skills

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MCAT Score

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MCAT Registration

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How to Study for the MCAT

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In addition to providing analysis about the MCAT test, there is also an available 12 Week MCAT Study Plan. This plan will help you conceptually layout a time-line for where you should be and how much ground you should have covered. Ultimately you should give yourself more than 3 months to study for the MCAT, however if this is not possible then please feel free to utilize this shortened study plan.

If you are interested, check out the 12 week MCAT study plan to help you plan and get the best score possible on the MCAT!

MCAT Test Strategies

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MCAT Study Plan

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MCAT Review Courses

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Retaking the MCAT

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Not your first time taking the MCAT? Thats ok... there are many people out there that need to get acclimated to the time-intensive nature of the MCAT. A lot of people often do better on their second time around, so getting a bad score is nothing to fear. However watch out if you are a perfectionist, as medical schools look at all scores and you may shoot yourself in the foot if you happen to get a lower score your next time. Medical schools will chalk your better score up to a fluke if your GPA and other college requirements are not the greatest.

If you think you should retake the MCAT, feel free to read the retaking the MCAT guide and see if it is right for you to continue pursuing your dream as a doctor.

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