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What month should I take the MCAT?

Usually it is to the student’s advantage to take the MCAT early enough that scores will be available to the medical schools by late summer of the year you are applying. In determining when to take the test, a student should consider all of the following:

1) Taking the MCAT when course material is fresher is usually advantageous.

2) A test taken by June of the year you are applying has the advantage of producing scores in time to use them to make a timely (June/July) submission of your AMCAS application. Knowing your scores before making your final decision to apply is helpful, though scores on practice tests can also give you an idea of how competitive your scores may be. The MCAT scores are also useful in selecting which schools to apply to.

3) If you take the MCAT after you have submitted your AMCAS application, AMCAS will send the scores to schools when they become available. Do not delay submitting your AMCAS application solely because your MCAT scores will be available later in the summer. AMCAS can be submitted when you know one medical school you want to apply to. Additional schools can be designated later.

4) Taking the test by June and having scores one month later allows time to re-take the test, if needed for the current application year. The test can be taken later than June, but increased competition for July & August test dates (you can only register for one test at a time) may mean those test dates have no space left at certain locations by the time you decide you want to register to re-take the exam.

5) Medical schools generally do not review an application until they receive the MCAT scores. September is the latest theMCAT is offered each year. Since scores are available 30 days after the test is taken, September test scores of the year of application may delay the date when the application will be reviewed. Most medical schools will accept the September test scores (a few do not), but September scores may put you at a disadvantage at schools with rolling admissions.

6) If you take the test in September of your application year, and, for whatever reason, do not do as well as expected, there is no opportunity to repeat the test until January of the next year. Few schools say they will consider January scores submitted by those currently applying to them.

Below is a list of the 2013 MCAT test dates. It is important to plan ahead and register in advance, but you should also give yourself a reasonable amount of time before you take the test.

Plan on studying a few months a head of time in order to properly prepare for the MCAT exam.

MCAT exam scores are reported 30 days after completing the exam. All MCAT exam scores are sent to the medical schools you designate on your AMCAS application. (Provided that the exam was taken within 3 years of application.) Applicants do not get to select which scores are provided to the medical schools.

July, August or September MCAT exams taken during the application cycle for the year you intend to matriculate to medical school will delay your AMCAS application. June 2009 starts the application cycle for applicants pursuing medical school matriculation for Fall 2010. AMCAS will wait until all scores are received before sending your primary application to the medical schools you designated on AMCAS.

If you want to register for an MCAT exam, you can do so from the following page. Click here to register for the MCAT exam.

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