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What is on the MCAT?

The MCAT has been entirely redone for the 2015 school year. The AAMC has understood that a widening view of academia and the world in general is required to become a successful and competent doctor for the future rather than people who are just good in school.

These new changes include the dropping of the Verbal Reasoning and Essay sections of the past in exchange for the new Social Sciences section and the Critical Thinking Section. The biological sciences section has been condensed and now includes biochemistry as well as still featuring biology and organic chemistry.

Why is the MCAT Changing?

The field of medicine has changed very dramatically over the past few years. Modern medical technology is advancing very rapidly and the population is also growing exponentially. The next era of doctors needs to be prepare to tackle these world changing issues and need to be of a much higher caliber in order to compete on the world stage.

According to the AAMC, the new 2015 MCAT keeps what works about the exam, while eliminating what does not and adds what is necessary. These core and fundamental changes to the test reflect the nature of the education required to become a doctor in the 21st century.

This often requires prospective doctors not just to take the traditional science classes of biology, chemistry and physics but to branch out into the social sciences and understand the broader depth of humanity.

Being Successful in 2015

The 2015 MCAT does not only test your knowledge of facts and concepts but the skills that are essential in becoming a doctor. The questions on the MCAT are based upon an understanding of the scientific concepts in this guide, but also the skills that you learn in your college classes such as statistics and research methods.

If you want to be successful for the test in 2015 start early. The content on the test has expanded and critical thinking is stressed now more than ever. Make sure you have all the relevant classes and background, or else you will need to teach some subjects to yourself if you took a more traditional route through college.

The test has been lengthened for 2015 and the fourth section has been re-added. The 2015 MCAT is a formidable opponent, testing a comprehensive and holistic knowledge base gained from college classes and world experience. In order to be successful you need to prepare long and hard in order to make sure you have mastery of not only concepts and skills, but application of them both together.

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