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Classes to Take

Many applicants think that success in Organic Chemistry is all that medical school admissions committees are interested in. The order in which you take the courses, how many science courses are taken concurrently, as well as the academic and intellectual cross-section of courses that you take are all important factors.

It is important to take all of the pre-requisite classes in an undergraduate setting. Do not transfer any of the pre-requisite classes from high school as these classes are not approved by the AAMC. You will have to end up taking the class later anyways.

Regardless of what major you pick, There are many pre-requisite classes that one needs to take in order to even be eligible for admission into medical school. These include studying the basics of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, verbal reasoning and physics in an undergraduate setting.

Pre-Requisite Classes

The following classes will not only fulfill the medical school pre-requisite classes but also give you an early head start on studying for the MCAT. Using these classes to prepare your content knowledge early will be invaluable in understanding and conquering the MCAT. Remember, all of the material in those classes is potential MCAT material so do not blow it off so easily.

Biology Classes

Inorganic Chemistry Classes

Most colleges have a 2 class series for chemistry, organic chemistry and physics.

Organic Chemistry Classes

Biochemistry Classes

Physics Classes

Social Sciences Classes

English Classes

In addition to fulfilling the core requirements for medical school, you should also pick a good major and take classes in subjects you enjoy and diversify your knowledge base. Some studies have suggested that students with off majors such as philosophy, mathematics and anthropology have better chances than biology or chemistry majors in getting into medical schools. This is often the result of a cultural change within medical schools where they are looking for students who can understand a variety of cultures, think in different ways and have ultimately better social skills.

This does not mean that a traditional biology major is a bad idea, it is just the tried and true path and you must work harder to stand out from all of the other students with the same idea. There is just as much strategy as intellect that goes into getting in to medical school.

Recommended Class Schedule

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