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Interview Skills

The medical school interview is probably the most important thing to be successful at in order to gain entrance to medical school. By mastering the interview you will show prospective admissions representatives that you have good communication skills.

Being Prepared for the Interview

Medical school interviews can be very stressful. Unless you have experience going to interviews because of jobs, for many people they are not experienced and facing a panel of people could be a daunting task. However, with enough confidence and preparedness, the medical school interview will go just fine.

And do not think that just because you went on one or two successful interviews for a minimum wage job count either, the medical school interview is different than anything you've dealt with before. You will need to convey your entire background, personality, experience and credibility in the short statements you make so you must be prepared for the kinds of questions that may be asked on the test.

Interview Day

1) Be prepared

This statement is the most important thing you need to remember come interview day. On interview day you are going to be stressed, anxious and uncertain so you need to remove all doubt of the logistics behind this big day.

Visit Interview Location the Day Before

Visit the place where your interview will be held a day in advance so you know how long it takes with traffic, trains, cabs etc. Miscalculating this could mean you are late to your interview and that is a big no-no.

Pick Out Clothes the Night Before

Do not plan on having your suit or dress from last years formal be interview ready. Attire and appearance is extremely important in aceing your interview as much as people do not want to believe it. This has even been proven in psychology tests where equally qualified people who were competing for the same job were chosen based on physical appearance. So make sure to iron your suit and tie and polish your shoes. These little things make a big different.

Men and women should both dress conservatively, with neutral tone colors. A medical school interview is still a formal event and should thus be treated as such. Men and women's dress for the medical school interview are both different.

Male Dress Etiquette

Female Dress Etiquette


This should not need to be stated but nonetheless there are people who do this. If you want to get into medical school, do not chew gum during your interview. You will not be accepted into medical school if you have the disrespect to do this.


Better yet, leave it in your room. If your cell phone goes off or your try and answer it during your interview you will immediately kiss your chances of getting into medical school good bye. The influence of the cell phone is disastrous on human interaction and etiquette still applies in formal, professional situations such as a medical school interview. Do not make this stupid mistake.

Eat and Sleep Well the Night Before

Most interview days can run 8 or more hours so you do not want to find yourself hungry or sleepy halfway through. In order to be successful on the medical school interview you will need to be on point for the entire thing. Think about applying your MCAT skills and bringing high energy snacks such as granola bars or high protein energy bars. There may be a small lunch at the medical school, however you will not know when this is or how the food will be.

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