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The ultimate goal of taking the MCAT is to prove to the medical community that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to advance to the next step: medical school. However, the road does not end with just MCAT, in fact this is just the beginning. Once you complete the MCAT, now you must apply to medical school, and after a grueling process have the possibility of gaining entry to one of the many schools across the United States and Canada.

Deciding which medical school to pick, along with how to get there is a process in and of it self, one which this guide aims to help you navigate successfully. The process to get into medical school begins in undergraduate with the classes you take and the major you pick. This will largely determine what your knowledge base will be and what skills you will get.

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You should wait to apply to medical school until you get your MCAT scores back as this will give you a better idea along with your GPA of what your attainable schools are. In order to successfully get into medical school you need to pick schools within your score range that give you the best chance of entry. For example, reaching too high and applying to only the Ivy League schools with mediocre scores will probably not give you the best chance to get into medical school.

However, a high GPA and a good MCAT score are not enough alone to get you into medical school. In addition, most medical schools are looking for more than just a book smart, socially inept student. They are looking for effective communicators, leaders and visionaries who will bring medicine fully into the 21st century. The AAMC is realizing that a different breed of doctors is necessary to help deal with global problems and burgeoning health crises throughout the United States and the world. In order to separate yourself from the simply book smart students, considering things such as student leadership, study abroad and other unique opportunities.

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