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Resume Building

In order to get into medical school, you must first build an effective resume in college. A good resume extends far beyond the classroom. Yes scholarships and deans and presidents lists look really good, but every other kid going into medical school also has that stuff. Your resume needs to be where you set yourself apart from everyone else. Show you uniqueness. If you started a project, put it down. If you spoke at a conference, put it down. Try and get cool internships. These may take some time to look but are so worth it in the end.

Through your resume you need to display leadership and also that you have a life outside of school. Leadership is very easy to show. Join a campus organization, or become involved in student government.

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most important things that we believe a student can do while in college. Not only will it broaden your world view and expose you to new situations that break your comfort zone, but it will give you an awesome experience to talk about in your medical school interview. Study abroad experiences really let your resume stand out to the admissions representative who has already viewed 50 to 100 cookie cutter biology major and biology club resumes.

Most colleges have an international academic office so you will probably find more information there. But there are programs that are also set up between schools that allow you to study your respective field in almost any part of the world. Spending a summer in a foreign country can really help change your perspective and even help shape your career. The contacts and things that are possible to see in these places are often far beyond what is available in western education.

We understand that not every student has the opportunity to study abroad because of a lack of funds. However there are a myriad of scholarships out there that are more than willing to help underprivileged students out. These scholarships often take application and time, but are based on merit and need so if you deserve it you should get it.

Award and Scholarships

Every student applying to medical school should try every semester or year to get a scholarship through the respective major or school itself. These scholarships are often published by the university every year, so apply to every one you think you could get. Even if you do not need the money or you think it is a small amount, it is still something to put on your resume. Even the tiniest scholarship stands out against a backdrop of deans and presidents lists, which are expected for prospective medical school students.

Independent Study and Research

Conferences and Presentations

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Along with your resume, a curriculum vitae or better known as a CV is also required for entrance into medical school.

Sample Resume

Included on this page is a sample resume that you can use to get to start.

Sample Curriculum Vitae

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