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While taking organic chemistry there was also a world applicable lab component to the class along with understanding the concepts. While the concepts and the tests are important, being able to successfully perform a chemical procedure is also necessary as it requires skills such as concentration, precision and accuracy that are also required to be a successful doctor.

A few of the major lab procedures that are test on the MCAT are:


See Extraction


See Distillation


See Chromatography


MCAT Lab Procedures - Recrystallization

Recrystallization of a product that has impurities allows these impurities to be removed. The product is dissolved in a minimum of hot solvent and allowed to cool until the product recrystallizes, leaving any impurities in solution.

The product must ONLY be soluble in the solvent at high temperatures.

The solute should be soluble in the solvent at a warm temperature but not cool. The impurities that are going to be removed should also be highly soluble in the solvent. These impurities should remain inside the dissolved even after the focus compound has recrystallized.

You should be able to pick out the solvent choice based on the solubility data that is given for a problem.

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